farewell 2010!

I took a break from blogging this week, you may have noticed... I don't know if it was the holidays or the blizzard or just a lack of creativity, but I'll say it was the holidays and I'll just get on with it!

Since many of my other bloggy friends took the week off as well, I'm not doing a regular linky post... but I figured I would round up some of my favorite things of 2010  :-)  in no particular order:

I became an advisor for my sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta, and I've had an awesome time hanging out with all my sisters!  They are so smart, talented, and beautiful :-)
I also connected with other Alpha Gams in the blogosphere via the Alpha Gamma Delta Blog Network!

I traveled to visit friends a lot this year... Dani in Atlanta, LJ in LA, and everyone in Boston!  I even went to Cleveland for Elyse's wedding :-)

My sister, Katie, and I had fun together!  2010 was my first full year at home since 2003 (thanks to college) and I loved having sister time :-)
We took silly pictures, we went to Martha Stewart's stitch fest, and went to see John Mayer!

I also spent some quality time with DavIli in Albany this year... we went to Countyfest and Larkfest, we BBQed, we drank Barb-aritas, and generally had an awesome time :-)

I did my very first, and second, craft fair!  It was hard work, but also lots of fun, and I definitely hope to do more in the future

2010 was also the year I committed to my blog!  I've made wonderful friends (check out my right sidebar to visit them), I started weekly features, did 3 giveaways, and I really had fun :-D
I also noticed that as of today, I have 20 followers!  I know this isn't very many, but it makes me happy to know that I'm not just blogging to myself here. 
Thank you for following!

Last but definitely not least, in 2010 I met PJ... I would list all the things that we have done together, but I would be linking you to every other post!  PJ has been so supportive of Bands & Bows, such a fun buddy on all our adventures, and generally just the most wonderful person ever :-)

I hope you all have a Happy New Year's Eve, with all the sparkly fun of friends and family!
<3 barb

PS - Today is the last day to enter my giveaway hosted by A Spoonful of Love... win a pretty Isabella Headband in Berry Red!

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