my apologies...

i've been completely MIA on this blog for exactly 1 month now... but, i have my reasons... i was distracted by 2 things...
the first, my grandmother being in the hospital and eventually passing away... she is/ was/ always will be my biggest cheerleader.  there was never a moment in my life that i doubted her love, or her joy at seeing me succeed... i will cherish that always
the second? well, i met an amazing guy... and when you're totally in la-la land, it's hard to remember that you had responsibilities, even things like this blog, which is mostly just for me...

anyway, here's some highlights from the past few weeks--

BOSTON, may 6-9
my roommate/ partner in crime/ love of my life met up in boston with MANY other loves for a fantastic weekend of fun... we ate, we drank, we danced...
here's a night of fun at Porters... thomas (in the pink shirt) was on a break from the Peace Corps in Africa, so we were all really happy to see him (and also happy to see beer and burgers! yum!)
 on Saturday, went to the Sam Adams Brewery... it was small, the tour was fun, and at the end... FREE BEER!  you can see in the pics that we really enjoyed it!
saturday night dinner started out pretty standard... and then it got out of control, pretty quickly, when steph started the dance party... dance parties are always a good idea, and always fun in a chinese restaurant that doesn't really seem like a dance party type place :-D
ok well... heres 1 last pic of boston... kelly, me, jenna, and dani... we obv had an awesome time!!

phew... that took longer than expected... i think i'll work out an update schedule and try to figure in a treasury, some wants, and some more pics of (mis)adventures over the next few days :-)

<3 barb

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  1. I'm so happy you finally posted this! Lets plan another roomie rendezvous soon!?! where we headed?! I read this post at least 4 times and relived the weekend and loved it!! wish we were closer for more roomie adventures. You make me happy, always do!! love you barbbb!



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