weekends only, please!

i'm so over mondays, especially after a completely awesome weekend! this weekend took PJ and I up to Albany, NY... we visited friends, saw a concert, bbq'd... why am i telling you when i can SHOW you?
here we go!
we stayed at  the Morgan State House (aka, the cutest place i've ever seen)... this is me, at breakfast in the kitchen:
breakfast was totally yummy, nothing processed or frozen, all just light homey food! after we ate, we made our way to the Altamont Fairgrounds for Countryfest 2010!!  There were 7 different acts, so while the first ones were going, we tried on HATS!
...and Graham and I posed in our hats! ili tried to hold her beer in her hat:
but it just wouldn't stay :-\  then PJ got hungry (PJ is always hungry)...
we got ribbon chips... with "the works"... yummy!! by then it was very sunny, and very hot!
so, i took a little nap :-)  then it was time for the main event!
Erin and Graham are super excited to see Blake Shelton!
he was awesome!! After Blake, we went "home" to clean up and relax before our bbq...
maegen says: "keeevinnnnn! smile and take a good picture!!"
kevin responds: "every picture of me is a good picture... ha-ha"
what a fun night!! then, sunday was a beautiful day, so we ate breakfast outside: 
isn't the garden adorable?! and PJ is ok too, i guess...
after breakfast, we headed to a nearby state park to enjoy the heat by swimming in the lake and lounging on the beach... we had a great time, but i have no pictures of this :-(
on the way home, we stopped at the Cracker Barrel for dinner, but I'm thinking you had already guessed as much! 
Today it was back to the grind... i wish every day was the weekend!!

<3 barb

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