stitch fest!

i know it's been too long since i've blogged... so today, on my first unbusy day in weeks, i am taking this opportunity to sit out on my deck in the beautiful weather and tell you what i've been doing lately!
so, one of my favorite things about living at home is being able to spend time with my sister.  she's 16, she's awesome, and we laugh all day together... it's pretty much amazing
katie (my sister) is also somewhat interested in crafting, mostly interested in designing, and when i needed a buddy to accompany me to Martha Stewart's Stitch Fest (basically a party thrown by the Crafts Dept to promote the new Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts), my sister was my go-to girl... she was happy to tag along, see some fun stuff, and wear one of my headbands so that i could shamelessly plug my etsy shop whenever anyone asked me about what i craft!
anyway... here are the highlights:
this was the coolest sewing machine ever! its a quilter, and it was stitching a really sweet pattern... the woman overseeing its progress told us that soemtimes, she just loads up some plain fabric, embroiders a gorgeous pattern, and sews it up into something totally unique! just add this to my list of dream machinery... ::sighs::
then we moved onto making these super cute heirloom tomato pincushions... thats me doing Part 1 of the process on the sewing machine... i am so focused!
here's katie with her tomato mostly stuffed... dont you love the fabrics we're using?
katie again, getting some help from one of the crafts dept helpers!
i should mention, while we were sitting here, Martha herself came over to say hello... needless to say, i was shocked, and was unable to hold a conversation or take a picture... sads
our new friend, Morgan, from the Crafts Dept, demonstrating how to no-sew appliqué this pretty sheer curtain... i really loved the eyelet fabrics used on for the flowers!
as you can see, katie and i had an awesome time... who doesn't love crafting, finger food, and happy people?
we even left with a lovely gift bag, full of little crafty necessities, Martha's magazines, and (of course) the BOOK!  my next project will likely include me just going through both craft encyclopedias and bookmarking all the fab things i'd like to make...

another wonderfulness- because i wanted to look extra fab for this party, i created a brand new item for my Etsy shop!  The Amanda Earrings are on sale now and i think they are adorable!
don't you want a pair of these cuties?
i'm an awkward model... but i love my little bows!!

anyway, its my day off, and i've got things to do!
<3 barb

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