flying away...

so, last weekend i flew away to cali to visit my darling little sis LJ!  it was my first time in california, and we were all over the LA area all weekend... LOVELY!
we had beautiful weather, lots of sunshine, and the cutest little puppy (Ellis... like the island) to keep us company... here's the highlights:
We walked around the tide pools at Laguna Beach... they were really pretty, but insanely difficult to navigate... the moss makes them really slippery... LJ and I both went down... oops?
hi... my name is barb :-) now that i remember what sunshine is like, i LOVE it!
LJ and her pup at the beach... they're fabulous, as you can see
i thought these were soooo beautiful... i love the shiny waxy texture of the leaves and the contrast between the green and white clusters
not gonna lie... this is how i picture california in my mind... luckily, Beverly Hills did not disappoint :-D
its just like CLUELESS!!!
yeaa... i would pose with Snow White... shes OBV my favorite star...
file this under: ELUSIVE... you go to LA and you're like yea, the Hollywood sign is prob visible everywhere... you know, like Miley said, thats what you see when you step off the plane... um, this was the last thing i saw and it was pretty much hidden from sight... crazy!
as they say, all good things must come to an end... LAX at dawn = sadness
a HUGE thank you to LJ and her family for welcoming me to California... i will most definitely return for more!
<3 barb

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