a happy weekend, in review

As previously mentioned, PJ and I ran away for the weekend.  We headed up to Albany to visit some friends, and also to check out Larkfest. We stayed at our new favorite place, the Morgan State House (mentioned previously HERE) and had an awesome time!
And now, some pictures...
a view of the fair, it got WAY more crowded as the day went on

the girls... maeg, ili, erica, and i

these tiny terrariums were so pretty!

maegen and dave at "the center of albany"... dave says "lets start a commotion!!"

the begging juggler... entertaining, but spent 75% of the time asking for donations! how rude...

some ladderball, finally
PJ was really excited to finally play!

an accidental, kind of awesome, action shot (note the balls in midair!!)

I also got an awesome pair of earrings at Larkfest from Torch Song Metals... but I haven't taken pics yet and was unable to find them on the website!  However, there's lots of other really fun/unique/ beautiful jewelery on their site so GO NOW and check it out!!  I promise, as soon as I wear the earrings, I will post a photo to show you, because they are definitely special.

Anyway, its been a long rainy Monday and its time to relax... I hope your weekend was fab as well, only 4 more days 'til the weekend again :-)

<3 barb

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