vacation makeup

I'm a low-fuss makeup girl. I would say no-fuss, but I think my friends would disagree with that since I'm totally obsessed with Birchbox and I'm a Sephora VIB. I think the root of my obsession is in finding makeup that's really easy to apply, the culmination of which is vacation makeup. When I'm out adventuring, I don't want to waste my day in front of the mirror, nor do I want to bring a train case of beauty supplies. That's not a vacation!

So when I saw this palette (Aqualillies for Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Eye And Cheek Palette), I thought OMG best vacation makeup ever! It's by Tarte, so you know it won't fade away, and I love that there's a highlighter and bronzer built right in. Best of all? That aqua eyeshadow - wouldn't that be the perfect pop of color for a night of piƱa coladas near the ocean? So. Good.

This makes me want to plan a vacation to somewhere warm, good thing it's supposed to hit 90* in NYC this weekend!
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PS - Here's another multi-tasker that I love. Just swipe, blend, and go!


under construction

I'm not really sure what I'm planning to do with this space yet. I have some ideas, I know what type of look I like, but I don't always have all of the "tools" at hand to do what I really want. I'm taking a web design class this summer as a part of my certificate program at Parsons, which should be done by the end of the year. I'm hoping that it will be what I need to gain a little more confidence in my limited web design skills - and to make this blog look like a cool place to hang out!

In other news of things under construction - I finally started an online portfolio! I'll be adding things in a little at a time, and I really hope to get myself out in the world as a designer. You can see I've been doing some fun work for my friends here and there, and I would love to do more of it.

Most recently, I worked on a logo and wordmark design for my friends new fitness company - you can see the design on his recently-launched blog. (oh hi shameless plug - go like him on facebook while you're at it!)

Anyway, that's what I'm up to around here. I also realize I've neglected to tell the story of how we got engaged! But that's for another post, in the hopefully near future :-)

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PS - can someone who is good with code tell me why code hates the typed heart symbol? because I'd really like it to work properly. thanks!



So, you may have noticed a few things:
1. I havent posted in a while
2. I just changed up the layout quite a bit.
3. Things are looking sloppy because of the changes.

Those things are true.
I miss blogging, but I felt like this space wasn't representing me, so I just went ahead and cleared out a bunch of the junk so I could have more of a fresh start. I think more changes are coming... soon. I want to be able to just post and not feel like there's some standard or expectation for me to adhere to.

So, I'm going to try to update the layout and give myself the space to blog some more!

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going to see Mickey Mouse!

Today PJ and I are headed to Disney World, for a vacation AND my best friend's wedding! He's never been to Disney before, so he's in for a real treat. We have lots of fun things planned, including dinners, lots of park time, and even a Cirque du Soileil show.
Amazingly, we also got through to the last round of the race, which is happening on Friday morning in New York. So, we'll be taking a quick trip back to WIN that ring!! We're pretty sure you'll be able to see us if you tune in to Pix 11 (or pix11.com), since the news channel is sponsoring the race!
It's going to be a busy week, but we are so excited for everything :-)

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race update

As I mentioned in my last post, which is now about a month ago, PJ and I are competing in a Race for the Ring - with the grand prize of a beautiful engagement ring!
Thanks to all of our friends and family, we were able to move on to Round 2 of the contest. For this round, we've made a video about how we met, and again we're asking for your votes! There are 13 couples in this round, and the top 10 will go on to the final Race for the Ring.

This is us at Staples, waiting for our "Vote for Us" flyers to print!
All of the voting is through facebook, so here is our direct link if you want to view the video and share! This round of voting ends Monday, March 11.

We really appreciate your help, and are so happy to have the support of our family and friends!

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PS - we shot the video using our GoPro Hero3 Silver, and the amazing song is Wild by Royal Teeth!


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