its a snow day today, and i'm not at work... so i thought maybe i should stop reading the book i am currently OBSESSED with and tell a little bit about what im doing to keep busy... which is, everything but making headbands... oops!
i hate packing... and i'm really awful at it... i always pack too much of what i don't need... then i forget things that i actually do need (toothbrush, underwear, socks... basics i shouldn't really be forgetting)... so last week i decided to make a packing list for myself, since i'll be traveling a TON in february, and i took my list for a test drive as i packed for last weekends trip to see Dani in Atlanta!
most of the trip went off without a hitch, and while i hate to pack, i LOVE taking airplanes... so efficient! i won't bore you with too many stories, but Dani and i had a fantastic time... i've missed her like crazy (we were college roommates, and even tho we don't share a closet anymore, we talk almost every day)... another buddy of ours from college, Trevor, came to visit us on saturday from Greenville.  that just made the trip a million times better!
dani and trev... aren't they adorable? oh yea... trev doesn't always look like a mountain man.  he is growing out his beard to help raise money for children's cancer research!  he will shave it when he raises a whole bunch of money for the cause :-)  he's covering up a really cute face, so i suggest donating here: https://www.stbaldricks.org/participants/trev
to wrap up... im watching the blizzard from inside, we've prob got about a foot of snow, and its still coming down really hard!
i've also been reading the time traveler's wife almost nonstop since i got home from work yesterday... i highly recommend it, i've thrown myself into it as if my own life depended on finishing it as soon as possible!
read it, you'll love it!  i have things to do today, but i hope to finish it later on :-)

<3 barb

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