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Note: I have to snag my Irene pics from PJ, but in the meantime I will entertain you with this highly ridiculous scheduled post)
Um, what's in the bag? ...exactly.  If you didn't think I was crazy already, I'm going to go ahead and convince you of the extreme crazy with a probably TMI list of what I carry with me every day.  It's a long list because I have a long commute, I've got about 80 minutes in each direction to keep myself occupied!
I featured this bag once before, and I finally bought it in April.  Its super sleek and holds a ridiculous amount of stuff, as you can see here:
1. My awesome backpack: the Farm Rucksack from Makr Carry Goods
2. I also carry a smaller bag that I can take out and use on my lunch break... yes, a bag in a bag: the Pleated Bag from Bayan Hippo (I have another BH bag as well, and I love both)
3. Rollerball perfume is so easy to carry, this one is my favorite scent: Stella by Stella McCartney
4. I like to carry my iPad in style... or as PJ's brother says, my iPad is "wearing a dress": Orange Lotus iPad Case from Gussy Sews
5. My blackberry... I'll be trading up soon... really...
6. I like to carry a notebook with me, obv... this is just a plain old Moleskine
7. Reading material on the ferry ride is a MUST... I usually carry a book or a magazine: Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin (I reviewed it too!)
8. Metro Card for the train/subway, and the key card to my office
9. Cords for the iPad: power cord (I frequently forget to charge) and camera connector
10. Seriously, who still carries an iPod?  Yea, I do... it's only like 5 years old now...
11. Shades and Specks: TOMS Classic 101 Sunnies (c/o Jeans Tees Travel Cakes) and my glasses that I should probably wear more often (I'd show pics of the sunnies themselves, but I was switching off wearing them as I took my pics...)
12. My lunch... I keep it in a ziplock bag just in case the container leaks!
13. Fold up tote bag in a tiny pouch, so I can just grab this smaller bag and throw in my lunch and iPad and go sit in the park on my break! (yes, this is yet another bag inside my bag)
14. I literally carry an umbrella EVERY DAY... this tiny one fits perfectly into a ziplock baggie so that I can stow it even when it's wet: Totes Micro 'Brella
15. Clearly, I need a pencil case full of pens and pencils to carry back and forth with me all the time (to write in my rarely used notebook): Muji Pen Case and Pens
    Yea, so this is what's inside the bag that's inside the bag... because really, I need 2 bags full of stuff... obv...
    a. My Bayan Hippo Purse <3
    b. I'm getting more into lipstick lately... as you can see by this lovely shade of nude - I sometimes use the shiny cap as a mini-mirror: Sephora Collection Lipstick
    c. I carry business cards, I generally forget to give them out... oh well: Muji Card Case
    d. Subways are gross, so I'm always washing my hands... I carry lotion for when my hands get dry, and antibacterial spray for when I can't get to a ladies' room to wash up: Gap Hand Lotion, Clean Well Organic Hand Sanitizer Spray
    e. Because I'm old school, I write things down in my agenda book: Moleskine Pocket Monthly Planner
    f. Assorted random items: nail file, chapstick, advil, pepto chewables... also earplugs and a tiny binder clip
    i. Wallet, for obvious reasons
    g. This case houses my camera, its just a point and shoot... the camera isn't in the picture because I'm taking pictures with it!
    h. Coupons, receipts, love letters, you know ...important things I need to save forever, or I need to clean out my bag...

    Clearly, I'm carrying way too much junk around, but thanks for letting me share with you
    <3 barb

    PS - feel free to advise me on possible downsizing ;-)

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    1. You're so organized!

      But earplugs?? Those are something you need daily?


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