random fact - my commute

I thought it would be cool (and also a good space filler on days when I'm busy or don't have anything exciting to post about) to share random tidbits about myself on here. The first one will either be a fun fact or a fact of life depending on how you know me:

Every day I take the a boat to work... so does a large chunk of the rest of Staten Island's population... we take the Staten Island Ferry. The boat starts at the north end of the island, passes between Liberty Island and Governor's Island, and lands in lower Manhattan. The trip takes about a half hour.

Since the boat passes so close to the Statue of Liberty, it's a pretty standard tourist attraction... did I mention it's also FREE? Yea, that could have something to do with the scores of tourists who are always asking what side of the boat to stand on in order to get Lady Liberty in the background of their pics.

Despite the touristy-ness of the ferry, I really enjoy it. I get some time to unwind and relax after work, and it's not like I have to pay attention for my stop! And since so many people take the ferry to work, I often see friends and get to catch up while we travel. Did I mention... I'm on a BOAT?!

<3 barb


  1. I love that you boat it to work. Sounds so fancy pants. Ha.

    Does it have heat inside? I sure hope so because I'm thinking that could make for a mighty chilly commute Oct-May.

  2. is there a the BIM on this boat?


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