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While I have expressed my love for beautiful totes, purses, luggage, and really any kind of bag imaginable... I am embarrassed to say that as a backpack, I carry a very large, somewhat ugly, North Face.  Yes, its true.  And its sad... because its really one of my very few horribly unfashionable items, but how else are you going to carry a 15" laptop everywhere you go?
If I had my way, I wouldn't do it.  My computer would sit prettily on my desk, and it would live there unless I was going on some sort of major trip.  In dreamland, where I don't have to lug this thing around, I would be free to choose one of these lovely backpacks:
{via hooray}
I instantly fell in love with this bag from Makr Carry Goods.  It comes in white too, but that would just be asking for a mess.  But, its simple.  The shape is nice, its actually pretty big (H) 18 X (W) 13.5 X (D) 5.75 in case you were wondering.  And lately I'm all about the contrast between canvas and leather.
Then theres this backpack, found on JCrew.  Its really too cute and, not surprisingly, meant for children.  It comes in all sorts of pretty colors, but for some strange reason I went neutral.  Maybe because I already have bags in bright yellow and orange?
I've confused you now, haven't I?  For some strange reason, I am very attracted to the Vera Bradley quilted backpack.  And while there are so many colors and patterns to choose from, I like this one because its a little more subdued.  

Maybe I'll just make my own backpack.  How hard could it be, right?  Obviously I know the shape I want, and roughly the size I want.  But I can never find exactly it.  Do you carry a cool backpack?  Feel free to share it with a comment!

<3 Barb

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