chocolate kicks my butt

If you've been following along with Mel, you've already seen that the chocolate challenge kicked my butt and I didn't make it.  Here's why:

That's a peanut butter semifreddo with salted caramel sauce, sandwiched inside a chocolate macaroon
Where did this decadence come from?  The Gramercy Tavern, a Manhattan restaurant that PJ's parents were given a gift certificate to for Christmas, and they so graciously invited me along!  All of the food was great, the staff was super knowledgeable, and while I didn't even order a chocolate dessert there's no way I could've not tried that... as well as a bite of everyone else's desserts, too.  I think if I was going to lose the challenge, I did it in the best way possible!

I'm sure you're wondering... was there a point to this whole challenge thing?  Yes, there was!  While I'm not a huge sweets eater, I love chocolate, and tend to snack on it a little too often.  The challenge forced me to re-stock my desk snack drawer with healthier items AND even now that it's over, I'm thinknig twice about going for the chocolate covered pretzels hiding in the back.  It's actually pretty easy to sub the sugary snacks for something more healthy, but super hard to tell yourself to cut something out altogether.  Therefore, I'll be allowing myself chocolate in moderation... I gotta do what makes me happy :-D

<3 barb

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