some snow

my view from the passenger seat
We got some snow this weekend, the first real snow of this winter... which would have been lovely, had PJ and I not already planned a trip upstate.  On Saturday morning, we embarked on a journey up to Windham Mountain to do some snowboarding... and the usually under 3 hour trip took about 4.  LAME-O
Thankfully, the conditions were great and we had SO MUCH FUN once we got there.
Sunday I had my monthly sorority meeting with the ladies, so PJ hung out with some friends of ours who also graciously hosted us on Saturday night.  After the meeting we headed home, and made a pit stop at On The Border for tacos.  YUM!

The great thing about these little weekend trips is that PJ and I always have a blast, its fun to share the adventure.  However, we were both totally wiped out by the time we got home, and Monday I was pretty much a zombie.  Today I'm feeling much more energized... I think I just might make it through the week!

<3 barb

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