pushing myself

This is kinda painful for me to talk about, but I will confess since I'm not alone in this: I love chocolate... I eat it pretty much every day!
i rest my case...
Above is a drawer in my work desk.  As you can see, not only is there a bag of chocolate covered pretzels, there's also a clementine.  I bet you can guess what I reach for when I need a 3:30PM pick me up?!  It's the chocolate, every time.  Every time until now, that is...

Let's go way back to yesterday and review my goals for the new year.  As part of my new goal to workout 5 days a week, I've decided to integrate some 12 Minute Workouts into my routine.  When I mentioned to Mel that I was using her workout method, she challenged me to be Stronger Than Chocolate- her latest crazy idea. Honestly, I was pretty sure she was peeking in my drawer... which creeped me out a little bit.  (but Mel and I go way back, so that's OK)  I agree with her that sometimes we need to ditch the junk food, no matter how heavenly it may seem.  So I'm taping up the bag and hiding it in the back of my drawer, and stocking up on some healthy nuts (I like pistachios and almonds) to keep in my desk for when I need something crunchy.  Can I go a whole week?  I hope so!

Do you think you can do it, too?  Head over to Mel's and let her know Barb sent you :-)

<3 barb

PS- I'm sure glad I grabbed a hot chocolate earlier this week!

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