happy days

I tried, I really did, to put up a post last week. I had things to tell you, I even started writing and adding images... and then my week went crazy and it just didn't happen. Boo that, totally. The good news is, PJ and I had a great weekend! We did some relaxing, went to a party, and even went on a little adventure into manhattan!
We've been trying since some time last year to get ourselves to the Museum of Natural History. It's been so long since I've been there, but it was awesome!

Our favorite exhibit was the dinosaurs, of course.  It was so cool to see how HUGE all the bones were, and the exhibits are now organized in such a way that you can easily see how the dinosaurs (and other prehistoric animals) relate to animals that are alive today.  Awesome?! YES!

After leaving the museum, PJ and I went out to dinner at Masak.  I had grabbed a voucher from Gilt City right before Christmas so we got a great deal on a full 3 course dinner.  Not only do I highly recommend the delicious food and drinks at Masak (go there and order the spiked hot chocolate, you won't regret it!) but PJ and I both agree that we haven't been let down by Gilt City restaurant vouchers.  This is the third we've tried and we've loved them all!

Now I'm back to the grind at work, wishing weekends lasted longer.  Good thing it's already Tuesday!
<3 barb

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  1. The above two images of fossils are animals or human being? i hope that is prehistoric fox it see it Prehistoric Animals


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