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You may have noticed that last week I unintentionally passed the blog writing over to PJ, who did a pretty nice job posting about both music and fashion... or cars... what I really wanted to do today was post this morning while I took the ferry into work, but my iPad had other ideas about what I would be able to do, and my BlogPress app just wasn't in the mood.  Either way, I'm here now.
As PJ mentioned, I spent most of last week stressing out about a fair that I sold at on Saturday... which sadly, was not a great success.  However, since I had this guy to keep me company, I still had fun.
PJ diligently sets up my display
I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but PJ is a pretty special guy.  Not only did he post on my blog last week (I didn't even ask, he told me he had a few ideas he wanted to try out) when I was too distracted to do it myself, but he also checked the forecast for Saturday (windy... very very windy) and made sure our table was totally prepared.  We were wind resistant!  He was really proud of his wind resistant solutions, and so was I.
After the fair, he was positive, even though it wasnt a great day.  And it didn't take long for him to start nagging at me about the blog:
PJ: You need to write a post NOW.
B: I'm tired... I don't want to blog right now.
PJ: If you don't do it now you won't tomorrow either.
...darn him always being right!

Anyway, he's awesome... and times like these remind me how lucky I am to have someone who encourages and helps me whenever I need it.  Thank you PJ!

<3 barb

PS- Now I'll stop with the mushies and see if I can't get back to a regular schedule this week, or something that resembles one at least.

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  1. -a note from pj-
    Thanks barb! You forgot to mention that photo (which you should have taken a video) was taken When I was whistling along and dancing to the them song to McGyver while I was rigging up the stand so it won't blow away!
    And you didn't mention that after every gust I macho man flexed and yelled out "wind resistant!"

    -pj (the creator and designer of the British head band sold exclusively on bandsnbows.etsy.com)


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