wanting... shades of brown

Generally, I do not think of myself as a person who wears brown.  If I'm going neutral, I'm way more likely to choose black or grey than any shade of brown.  However, I noticed when I started putting my Christmas List together (yea, so what if it's October?) that many of the things catching my eye lately are BROWN!  Seriously, it's like my world turned upside down... while I try to figure out if I've gone colorblind or something, I figured I would share:
This BB Dakota Ombre Elegance coat is every shade of brown... but I think what really got me is what I'm going to call the "blanket factor". Chilly mornings on the ferry make me wish I was wearing a snuggie rather than a sweater, but this coat looks both snuggle-worthy and cute!

Nude? Tan? Light brown?  Who cares what color Swatch is calling it, I really love this Shiny Moccasin Watch.  It's over-sized but the color keeps it feminine, and its casual but polished for everyday wear to work.  Swatch gets me every time...

I once had a pair of loafers that I pretty much wore to death... or to the point that they were completely unpresentable.  When I saw these ALDO Tiff loafers I knew they would be on my radar, and they have been... note that they are now on sale... I will be stalking to see if the price drops even lower before they run out of my size ;-)

So, what color are YOU loving lately? Anything new?
<3 barb

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  1. ooh, love the watch and shoes too! :)
    xo Moorea


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