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Barb is busy working on her headbands and clips for her upcoming fair so I decided to help her out and post again so you have something to read. This won't be a regular Friday faves.

I am MAN and know one thing, CARS! I also know that a large majority of Barb's readers are girls and most are interested in fashion. SOOOOOoo I am combining the two together! Sounds crazy but believe it or not its not a crazy concept. Here are a few car and fashion love children:

Lacoste and Citroen released a concept vehicle showing what can happen when a clothing company gets their hands on a car..... and boy is it hideous.  If you like this check out Yatzer  for the full article. They like it, I do not!
I think it looks like a basket... not really a good thing.  Whats with the handle on top? -b

You have to hand it to a car company that simply by looking at the shape you know what it is. So of course I didn't have to tell you that the picture is of a Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640 but did you notice the bumper?  Seriously? Could you really miss that bumper?  Still need more help?

If you guessed Fendi you are 100% right. Fendi collaborated with Lamborghini to make a very limited car and keeping with Fendi tradition it's completely covered with those obnoxious little "F's". I guess in a way it's a perfect union.
I actually think the Fendi Fs make a pretty cool textural pattern.  Not that I would really want it, but its not as obnoxious it could be.

The above is a Aston Martin, the James Bond car, but smaller. This is a collaboration with French designer Collete. This tiny little city car has a beautiful brown leather interior. I can't say the car thrills me but the interior is really beautiful and definitely screams of quality.
Adorable, thats what this car is.  Its so tiny and cute, and yes... I agree that the interior looks very high class.  The blue/brown contrast looks pretty crisp, too!

Alright so the truth is the only clothing company that I can think of that had any success in the car industry is Eddie Bauer when they made the forever lasting Ford Explorer trim package for Ford. Yes Audi, Ralph Lauren and Ferrari each host fashion festivals but you for the most part you need a special invitation or buko bucks. 

So basically Fashion and Cars shouldn't mingle... not the ending you expected but that's what happens when I take over the world!

-PJ (Stapling my underwear to my car seats.. because I'm awesome and fashionable)

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