Why hello everyone! I wanted to shares some tunes with the gang but I had no idea what genre to pick from! I have so many Rock, Pop, Indie, R&B and Country songs I want to share that I wasn't sure where to start first.

So I put this quick little upbeat mix to get you moving during your work day. I know it's going to work because I actually play the list while I'm writing the post and Barb is bopping her head while she is making some headbands for her upcoming fair.

You may have noticed that song number 8, "Nightcall", is from the movie soundtrack of "Drive". If you haven't seen this movie yet you are helpless. In my opinion this is one of those perfectly balanced movies where a couple can go see it together and both will come out happy. Full of plenty of action to dazzle the senses and story to engage the mind (also plenty of Ryan Gosling for the girls and a random scene with topless ladies for the guys). 

While on reviews, Barb will be reviewing something very random soon. It's random for us because as far as I know NO female fashion/craft blogger has EVER reviewed something like this before.

-PJ (my brain needs glasses, I'm so unfocused)

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