we did it again!

This year was definitely different than last year. For starters, I wasn't nearly as stressed out or worried this time around. I prepared quietly and slowly, supplementing an inventory that I had already built up, and I never really thought about not having enough. I also didn't need to invest as much money this year, since I already had all my display materials from last year, and I also had a crazy amount of supplies. I just didn't feel the need to buy anything, besides my Square credit card reader, which actually ends up being free once you activate it! (side note: it was totally easy to use and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to accept credit cards during craft fairs or flea markets, you can even send your customers digital receipts)
Anyway, the last major difference was the distinct lack of picture taking... we probably should've taken more, but that's ok. Amazingly, the weather held up all weekend and we really enjoyed ourselves. Here's what that looked like:

the setup... day 2 (i think)
"act natural"
we were directly across from the magic show... AWESOME!
PJ demonstrates why every time I walked away, he made a sale
see? I caught it on camera

pretty things

more pretties
my helpers and me

in the background here, you can see PJ chasing me with a water sprayer... by day 3, we needed a break!

more shenanigans: PJ tried to put Katie in the garbage pail...

I love these two so much

Well, it's over now... But I DID get invited to two other events this fall, so I have lots to look forward to! And I also started to re-stock my shop, so keep a lookout over there.

Hopefully I'll be back later with some friday faves... enjoy your day!
<3 barb

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