monday off

It's feeling like fall already on this cool Tuesday morning, but I'm not complaining. It's been a beautiful summer, with lots of fun and adventures, and I'm pretty sure we'll be packing plenty of fun into the next few weeks as well!
Yesterday, PJ and I both took off from work. We were supposed to pick up his car from the shop (where it's getting a fancy new paint job), so we jumped in the bug and took Katie along for the ride. When we got to the shop, it was pretty clear that we wouldn't be taking his car home... sometimes it just takes a little longer than planned to get things done right!
Not one to waste a day of adventure, PJ suggested we head back to Brooklyn Bridge Park to get some ice cream! We hit up the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, and it was delicious!
Banana split, two scoops coffee, 1 scoop strawberry, topped with hot fudge, chopped almonds, strawberries, and whipped cream.

Vanilla chocolate chunk ice cream topped with strawberries.

Butter pecan ice cream topped with butterscotch sauce... Yummy!
After our ice cream break, we took some pictures... I like to take pics of myself on days when I'm looking put together, rather than wearing pajamas, and I thought that lower Manhattan was a pretty sweet backdrop!

Yea, we're awkard...

I took a few pics of Katie like this because I liked the reflection of the sky in her sunnies... She was mostly annoyed by me doing this!

After our little photo sesh, we headed back over the Verrazano Bridge back to Staten Island. It was such a great day to be out in the convertible, enjoying the sunshine and perfect blue sky full of puffy clouds!

Oh well, today it's back to work for me! Boo Tuesday!
<3 barb


  1. Barb, I LOVE your dress!! Where's it from??

    PS. You make me want more vacation days!

  2. The dress is from Forever 21, it was literally too cheap to pass up, and I wear it ALL THE TIME! It's one of my favorites :-)


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