staycation to the eastern boroughs

Sometimes, weekends at home are just as busy and fun as weekends away... and really, just as exhausting!  This weekend we were all over the place...
Friday night PJ and I went to the movies with Rob and April (you may remember them from brewfest at governors island).  We saw Dinner For Schmucks, which was really funny, if you like Steve Carell's brand of humor.  Which... I really do!
Saturday, we ventured out to Queens.  We met up with Dave and Ili at PS1, which is like a MoMA satellite, where there was basically a huge outdoor dance party going on.  While it wasn't what I was expecting, it was pretty fun.  We then moved along to Studio Square Beer Garden... where we met up with MORE friends and had MORE beer and just relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  It was really a fun day, but alas I have no pictures, despite PJ carrying my camera around all day!
Yesterday, I took pictures... lots of pictures... but I will only show you the best ones!  PJ and I decided to go to the Brooklyn Bridge Park, which is recently expanded and in progress to expand even further.  It's really pretty, with lots of places to sit (which we didn't do) and beautiful views to see (which we did do).  And so, the highlights:
a little squinty from the sun, a little out of focus, but I love it... I'm so happy!
I am an awesome self- photographer... notice how I even got the bridge in the background!!
PJ was super excited to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge for the first time... can you tell?
This is what it looks like when you walk across the bridge... so beautiful :-)
After we walked across the bridge, we were tired and hungry, so we went to this cute little Cuban Cafe for dinner and Mojitos!  Yummy :-)

A long day in Brooklyn deserved a lazy evening at home... we decided to really dig into the Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream that we MADE OURSELVES earlier in the week.  We used a Martha Stewart recipe, because I trust Martha, with fresh mint from PJ's garden and added chocolate chips to the mix, because who doesn't love chocolate chips?!
It was even more yummy than it looks!

Lastly, we settled in on the couch for a movie... we watched Julie & Julia, and I loved it.  I felt I could really sympathize with Julie.  My job is less than perfect, many of my friends are enjoying greater success, and I sometimes feel like I just need a focal point in life.   Now, I don't see myself working my way through a giant cookbook anytime soon, but maybe this blog thing will help me.  I'm setting goals, I'm finding new crafts, and I may even be making some new friends.  Julie frequently refers to "whoever you are" out there reading her blog... so whoever you are out there reading mine, HELLO! and thank you :-)

Oh yea, Chi Chi liked the movie too... or she just enjoyed snuggling while we watched it!

I've got a busy week ahead it looks like: a few headbands for a friend, some other projects to work on, and the beginnings of some new ideas in my sketchbook... I'll keep you posted!

<3 barb

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