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Concert and Festival season is coming!

 Last year I went to Country Fest and a John Meyer Concert with Barb but I really didn't go see anything that I was really interested in or familiar with. Country Fest was the first time I was ever exposed to live country music. I had no idea who any of the artists were and I had no idea what any of the lyrics were for any of the songs. I did have a blast and would totally go again this year. And the John Meyer concert was.... well it was a John Meyer concert. I guess I was immune to his "powers" due to my guyness.

So this year I would love to go to ROCK ON THE RANGE. It's a 2 day long rock festival featuring EVERY SINGLE band I know and love.  Some of the bands that will be there are A Perfect Circle, Korn, Stone Sour, Staind, 10 Years and many, many more. Unfortunately it's in Columbus Ohio so the likely hood of me going is very extremely low. But a guy can dream can't he.

Now I know not everyone that reads this blog is as big of a rock fan as me so I made a playlist that will get you guys and girls interested in these bands and get you to want to go to this festival also.


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