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Since Valentine's Day being on a Monday doesn't leave a whole lot of time for getting all dressed up and doing something special, PJ and I decided to celebrate on Saturday instead.  And I'm glad we did!
We started out by exchanging gifts... I was very excited about mine and so surprised and impressed by PJ and his hard work:
HE repainted my bike purple! as in, PJ did all the work himself!  I had mentioned once that I love my bike, but it could use a new paint job, and he remembered :-)
*I was so excited to have a special occasion to take Polaroids on that I forgot that my film is black and white, and so, you can't see the new color here.

I got PJ a flask, which he had mentioned wanting before, and I put on my list of "future gifts" for him.  I was able to get it engraved exactly the way I wanted it and he was very happy with the result!
Yea, just call this thing impossible to photograph.  But if you look close, you can see the engraved initials in the lower corner

Once gifts were exchanged we embarked on our adventure to Il Toscano, an italian restaurant just outside of Queens that is definitely a *special date* kind of place.
The Verrazano Narrows bridge, which we crossed on our journey to the restaurant, at dusk.

The restaurant was upscale, but relaxed, and the food was delicious!  The portions of everything were just the right amount to leave us full but not bursting... although, I probably could've eaten endless amounts of everything we ordered.  I didn't take pics of the food (or us eating it) because I thought it would be disruptive, but it was beautiful, and dinner was perfect. :-)

Here's my handsome man all dressed up as we left the restaurant (which is in the background)

Since we are party animals, we left the restaurant and headed to The Breakfast Club to celebrate Michelle's bday.  As I bet you can guess by the name, they play lots of 80s music that's great for dancing and singing along :-)
April, Michelle, Bridget, and Me

Sunday, PJ and I brought my bike outside to take some pictures of the paint job that I couldn't capture in black and white:
Here's me testing out my newly painted ride... I am happy!

PJ is proud of his work!  The new color is called Plum Crazy :-)

As you can see, this Valentine's Day has already been a success... but it's not over yet!  PJ is meeting me for lunch today on my break from work.  He hasn't met me for lunch since I started working in Manhattan in November, so I'm really excited :-D  

I hope you all have a day full of Love!
<3 barb

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