snowpocalypse recap

It hasn't snowed in a few weeks now, and while generally the aftermath of a blizzard is a giant pain in the butt, I'm starting to miss the white fluffy stuff!
Last time it snowed (Jan 27) we got about 20 inches overnight, on top of the almost 2 feet of leftover snow from the last major snowfall (Dec 26).  It was completely crazy!  Since I failed at sharing pics the day of the storm, here's a bit of what it looked like:
My house as I left in the morning... that's my dad in red operating the snowblower

Most streets hadn't been plowed nearly enough to make a difference

PJ had a difficult time getting his work truck out of the snow... it got stuck about 10 times between his driveway and the nearest plowed street

That is a snowman... yes, it is about 15 feet tall... I wish I could've seen some in-progress shots of that!

I met Gina at the train station... she was there a little before me, and we both waited about an hour and a half for the train!

When a train finally did arrive, this is what was towing it!  Since the 3rd rail (which carries the electricity for the trains) was snowed over, they had diesel engines towing the trains.

And once I got to Manhattan, it was a total mess!

I left my house at around 7:40 that day, and got to work just before 11.  Thats over 3 hours of travel!  It was crazy, but my office wasn't closed, so I just went in and made the best of it.  And while a 3 hour commute isn't really my favorite, I wouldn't mind a few more inches of snow before this season is over :-)

How much snow are you getting? As much as here on Staten Island?
<3 barb


  1. Nashville isn't supposed to get snow, but this year it did, 6 times!
    Last week we had 'the perfect storm' which was heavy snow during rush hour which amounted to a whole 3 inches, it took me 5 hours to go the 18 miles from my office, my route is opposite the heavy traffic even. Yeah I'd be totally ok with not having to do that ever again!

  2. wow that is a lot of show thats nuts about the train being pulled I had no idea. I live in Toronto and we go dumped on pretty bad too :P

  3. holy woah! that snowman is amazing! it must have taken several people to put him together. this post was fun, but made me wish for spring even more! we're having lovely weather over here today, but tomorrow it's supposed to get cold again :(


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