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So instead of smushing together whatever I could find for my wants this Wednesday, I instead collected a few things throughout the week (probably how I should've been doing this all along).  Amazingly, they came together to create a really cute going out look... and I've impressed myself once again (haha, just kidding about being VERY impressed with myself)
Start with a little dress...
Its not a LBD, but I think this blue would be wayyyyy more fun... and the one shoulder? fabulous... Express is my go-to shop for dresses of  this nature

Add a pair of awesome shoes... I spotted these over at Keiko Lynn's blog, and instantly lost my aversion to open toed booties!  A pair of patterned tights would complement these just fine :-)  ...they're Seychelles, in case you were wondering

Last, accessorize! This ring is from Torch Song Metals (mentioned previously HERE)... its a bow, need I say more? I'll do it anyway... a bright dress and statement shoes don't need much jewelery, so this would be a sweet accent to an otherwise edgy look

Now that I'm all dressed up, I need somewhere to go!  ...And some $$ to buy the outfit... or good friends to gift it to me :-)

<3 barb

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