wanting (needing) a trim

I need a haircut.  I like to keep my hair short, and so it needs to be trimmed fairly often.  When I don't get it trimmed often enough, it starts doing weird things (like, all flipping to one side so that one side curls under and the other flips out... WEIRD!)... it's silly that I ever put off a haircut, since my cousin cuts my hair and it's always a good excuse to chat and catch up on each other's lives!

And so, here are some celebs whose hair I admire (covet):
I love Nicole Richie's hair like this... frequently, she has that long wavy boho thing happening, but this is so smooth and chic.. I love her bangs here too, the whole look is so polished
I <3 Zooey Deschanel's hair soooo much.  Sadly, those bangs only look good on her and would look completely ridiculous on me... While I'm on the topic, her whole style is pretty much awesome :-)
My favorite part of Ginnifer Goodwin's hair is how sometimes it's messy, sometimes its smooth, but its always beautiful.  And somehow, her haircut makes her eyes POP!  I think theres a small chance that my hair could actually do the things her hair does!

I'm going to get my hair cut on Friday, before running off for the weekend where I will hopefully take lots of pictures so that you can see the final result.  Do you have an hairstyle icons?

<3 barb


  1. i love my hair chin length but i am really really trying to let it get as long as i can stand! i haven't had it long since i was in 3rd grade! but i do need to get it trimmed it has been months! i did cut my hair once and i didn't do too bad!

    if you ever make it out to cali we should do a little bug love meet up! her name is gladys...do you have a name for your lovely red beetle?


  2. OOOOH!

    those are both SUPER cute cuts!!
    I want a trim too! eek!


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