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i report to you today on the awesomeness of beer, namely, the awesomeness of the NYC Brewfest that I went to this weekend!
it was a perfect day (saturday, sunshine, warmth) for a day of tasting ice-cold beer, and Governor's Island provided the perfect venue... here you can see how the whole Brewfest area was under a canopy of very tall trees... so there was lots of shade (good for when you're drinking lots of beer)
although we made plans to go with lots of friends, it was a bit overwhelming to keep track of a big group... luckily, i snapped this lovely shot with maeg, ili, and erica!
rob and april were our buddies for the day... the only ones we managed to stick with, and im so glad we did!!
and here's PJ and i... we are so happy... whether its because of the beer or just from being together, we may never know!

also, we did some finish coats of the desk on friday... you can't see it, because its clear... but here's some pics anyway:
a look of intense concentration... you can see how super shiny the finish is before it dries... but its satin finish, so it wont stay this way
PJ took over for me when i'd had enough... such a good partner on this project!

that's all for now... i'll quit being a slacker and post the new headbands on etsy tonight! remember, anyone who commented on my sneaky peeky post  gets 50% off any item in the shop, just wait for a revised invoice!

<3 barb

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  1. The desk is starting to look amazing and quite elegant. I had SOOOO much fun this weekend!! Countryfest soon!! =D


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