wanting your suggestions!

First of all, let me say I had the best of intentions to do a treasury post yesterday.  I started running again yesterday morning after taking a few weeks off (we all need a break sometimes) and I thought it would be cool to do a treasury of running related items.  Well, either the running community is not so strong on Etsy or I just wasn't searching for the right things because my treasury was shaping up to be a lot of artwork of horses running, and it really wasn't working for me.  Alas, next week I will find a more spectacular treasury theme and I will be sure to share it with you.

Now for today, my WANT day, to share with  you what I really want most this week...  Well, I'm thinking that it's time to expand this business, and I need a little help.

Here is what I want from you, my loyal fans:

  • Suggestions for any craft shows or fairs that me and my headbands might be a good fit for, I'm thinking I need to start small
  • Ideas for local (to you or to me) shops or boutiques that might be interested in selling my headbands, again keeping my style in mind
  • Inspiration- have you seen any awesome headbands, or other accessories, that you think I could make a slightly different but way cooler version of?
Pretty much any ideas/ suggestions would be appreciated, just leave your comments below.  If you have a picture (or even a sketch or drawing) that you'd like to show me, just mosey on over to my facebook fan page (become a fan!!) and post it there!

Thanks in advance for your help and support, I can't do this all alone!

<3 barb

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