trip down treasury road...

my parents are starting to realize that summer is almost over, which means it is time to plan a road trip... previous road trips have included williamsburg, va and nashville, tn as well as weekend trips to lake george, ny or seaside heights, nj
basically, they love road trips... i am easily bored on road trips... my sister and i bring along books and magazines and lately even a laptop and dvds! i usually also end up napping for most of the way...
anyway, i'm blabbering, so i'll get to the point... i chose road trip as the theme for this week's treasury... i think its pretty!
some art, some journals, some maps... and a vw bus... i <3 vw... and the bus is so ridiculous! i saw a yellow one this morning and it made me smile :-)
...i hope you're smiling too!

<3 barb

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