wanting things...

admittedly, i've been distracted lately... aren't i always? and so, im going to maybe make a list of things that i want that aren't clothes or shoes or bags (even tho im ALWAYS wanting these things)... ready? here we go:

1- focus... on the appropriate things, obv... i am endlessly capable of focusing on facebook or designsponge, and yet, when it comes to me doing work (either at my job or on my headbands), i am totally distracted!

2- more hours in the day... i am always so sleepy! (probably because im always so busy traveling, designing, working, and watching food network)

3- the dream job... or at least a little bit of direction! this seems like solid advice:
Career advice by quinn.anya.

what are you wanting that isn't as easy to get as just maxing out a credit card?  sometimes, i just want everything ;-)

<3 barb

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