wanting MORElle!

one of my most favorite things to look for on etsy are bags... purses, totes, clutches... all colors, fabrics, seasons... i just love bags, and the most beautiful, interesting, unique bags are on etsy!
one of the most amazing shops that i found on etsy is morelle... her colorful leather bags come in great shapes and all sizes... you may remember that i totally fell in love with a particular bag and HAD TO HAVE IT for christmas last year... you can see it back in this post... you also may be wondering, why am i babbling about morelle? and why now?  well, morelle is currently based in greece, but the designer will soon be relocating to sydney, australia! unfortunately, this big move will prevent her from bringing all of her leather supplies with her, and her shop will be closing very soon! (details on morelle's blog, here) pretty much everything in her shop is WAY discounted, and here are my top pics!!

Morchella in White
this is the bag that i have, shown in white, but i have it in mustard yellow... its a great size, the bow is SO my thing... there are 2 in the shop currently, in white and orange, so pretty!

The Tulip in Indigo LAST ONE
here's another beauty... the slouchy shape is so cute, and the size would be great for carrying... um, everything!  this one is shown in indigo, but theres also white, violet, and pine in the shop!!

The Barrel Bag in Peach w/ studs
my third pick is this one... mostly because this color is so pretty, and the studded details are totally winning me over!  this bag is still available in a bunch of colors, with and without studs :-)

i'd love to show you everything from her shop (not to mention buy all of it for myself), but i think you should just go take a look for yourself! http://www.etsy.com/shop/morelle... it will only be open for 10 MORE DAYS!! oh yes, and join me in wishing katie from morelle good luck in australia & we hope this is not the end of her design days!!

<3 barb

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