little bit of happiness

so this week i've been posting like a maniac, mostly because i'm bored... PJ has been on vacation since last Friday, meaning that i've had way more time to myself than usual... HOWEVER, i've been helping to keep an eye on his house, and his kitties, which keeps me busy... and kitties are cute :-)
before he left, PJ told me that he had a surprise for me, and that i should go find it on a day thats less than fabulous... well, on tuesday i went looking for it, and this is what i found:
i just about DIED when i saw this! this little cutie (Monty the Brontosaurus) comes from Skunkboy's Etsy shop... she makes the cutest little plush animals i've ever seen... Monty was actually in my FIRST treasury and when he was hanging around in the shop for a little too long, i posted on my facebook that someone should find him a home... apparently PJ did!
you may also notice that Monty has a present for me around his neck!
well... its two rings, to complete a set of three... they're thin and stackable and look really pretty all together or just worn alone! they're by mina, and she has a whole online store full of delicately beautiful jewelery!

i know, i know... you're so jealous because PJ is such a sweetheart! but I really wanted to show you how special these handmade gifts are... and also share how happy i am, because everyone loves a little bit of happiness!

<3 barb

PS... I am working on a surprise for PJ, too! but i can't post any photos for you yet, since he reads this blog... so i will show you next week :-)


  1. I'm so happy Monty has found a home with you! You two are the sweetest couple. <3


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