new things i'm trying...

i think that i will be more inclined to post regularly if i have "theme days"... its hard trying to rein in my thoughts and put them into the blog, with pics, when im not doing anything particularly exciting... but i'm thinking that a few easy themes will keep my chaos a bit more organized...
theme #1: treasury tuesday!
this new Treasury East seems a lot less intimidating than the regular treasury system... and i've really been wanting to try it out, so my first treasury is all items with BOWS!  isnt it the cutest?  ive featured items from some of my favorite shops and blogs, and also a few items that inspire me!  just click on the pic to get a better look!
and yea, i know its wednesday now, but i made the treasury yesterday, and its the thought that counts, is it not?

theme #2: want wednesday!
so just about every day of my life, i send and receive random links from friends... generally a link to an item that costs too much, or is just not in the budget right now... and the word "WANT", as in "i WANT this right now!!" therefore, on wednesdays, i shall compile the beauteous WANTS of my own, so you can see just the look im striving for...
i had fully intended to post pics of bright floral sundresses today, because i've been seriously desiring them, but that will have to wait, because i wandered into express last night and was totally overwhelmed with desire for all shades of pink, with all manner of ruffles and rouching... fabulous

anyway, i hope this is a good way to keep me on target and you entertained :-)
<3 barb

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