wednesday already?

so uh... where did the time go?  its already wednesday, and apparently that means it is time for me to show you what i want this week... crazyness!
if you know me, then you know i am totally, shamelessly in love with shoes... i have too many pairs of them, i am fiercely overprotective of them, and i pretty much never ever get rid of a really great pair of shoes... even sandals that fall apart that i should throw away, i get fixed... so yea, im a shoe freak (in addition to being a font weirdo... silly)
anyway... here are some shoes that i think would be lovely for summer/ fall transition, because apparently that time is fast approaching!
they're ALDO, of course, and they're ON SALE! honestly, why would you ever buy something not on sale? i think they would look really gorgeous with the dresses i picked up at target this weekend 
Put a Cork in It Wedge
i know, i know... they're so CHUNKY! but, i could see these being really awesome with teal or mustard yellow tights come fall... and the wedge makes them so much easier to walk in than (but just as fabulous as) all the spikey heeled beauties out there right now... thanks modcloth, your shoes are so cute!

these are actually on sale... but they're still pretty steep... i figured i would include them anyway, since they are fitting for this post, and they're jcrew... who doesn't love jcrew?... the color is right, the heel is pretty awesome, and the woven front is sandalicious but closed up enough to work for fall... agree?

i could look at shoes all day, but i won't do that (for my own sake, as well as yours)... i'll be back again soon with pics of my surprise for PJ (he LOVES it!) and some love from the John Mayer concert (if there are any decent pics of that... fingers crossed)... AND PJ and I have another small project planned, which I am planning to photograph and show you as a DIY if all goes well :-D

<3 barb

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