wanting wall candy!

i'm staying on schedule this week, GO ME!! this week's want is really one of those things that snuck up on me... i was randomly browsing etsy, and i was like hmm i'd like some of this... but not a lot of it... how would i ever choose?
the object of my desire is text art, preferably letterpressed or screenprinted... because i'm a font weirdo, and because so many of the phrases make me laugh, or inspire me :-)

this caught my eye recently, when it was featured on design*sponge, and i love it... its a quote, its inspirational but also kinda funny, and its LETTERPRESSED! hooray, i love it

loving you, print blue
you can see why i would think this one is adorable... its so silly, and yet so sweet... i actually posted this on PJ's facebook wall a few weeks back, because i had to share it! (this one is letterpressed too!)

set of 3 screen prints on brown kraft stock
i like these primarily because they are a set, and what's not to love about a set of 3 screenprinted quotes? i could see finding really fun frames with these and being super creative about how they are displayed... or being totally boring with them, and hanging them up, and they would be so cute anyway!

i know i usually do 3, but this week, i'm giving you a bonus, because this one was too sweet to pass up!
sweet because its ice cream! and it reminds me of funny conversations when i was younger, convincing my parents that just because i only ate half my dinner didn't mean i had no room for ice cream... haha, we've all said that i think ;-)

i think i will need to add screenprinting to my list of things that i must learn how to do... there was a great how-to on martha stewart recently, so i'll have to try it one day... maybe when the weather cools and i have less things going on :-)

<3 barb

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