i know, i know... usually a stain is a completely miserable thing... but NOT THIS TIME!!

i figured i'd take a break from headbands to give you a little progress on my new desk...
P started off covering the area that i dont want to stain... its going to get painted later...
...but he lost patience with the painters tape... and so, i took over
look how pretty the wood looks all clean!
i make funny faces while i stain... 
but i really like the warm, dark color that we chose
here's me trying to get into the cracks of the main piece
and working on the side a bit...
i caught a pic of my cute photographer while we were cleaning up!

so now i just have one more piece to finish staining (the only piece that has 2 stained sides... boooo) and then we'll be able to put the clear finish on top... theres also that taped off area to be painted... i think it will be very pretty! and i can't WAIT to have my new workspace all set up, because i am SURE that i will be headbanding like crazy in the near future!!

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