sneaky peeky!

so, as promised... here's a sneak peek at the next 3 headbands i'd like to list in my shop!
the only problem is... they don't have any names!! so, the first to buy each of these headbands (by contacting me directly) will have the honor of naming it :-)
this is unnamed lady #1... you may remember it from my photo a few posts back... i love it, it's super fun, and i could make it in a variety of different colors! (basically, anything in THIS listing)
here is unnamed lady #2... a little less in your face than my usual designs, just a bit of fun texture... probably a lot more work appropriate than a giant bow or blob of ruffles haha! i can make this in any of the colors in THIS listing... plus a few others
and here is the last, unnamed lady #3... another big bow, another big smile on my face... i hope you like! i can make this in the same colors as #2... including the two colors shown here

so, if you like them and you want one and you'd especially like for one to be named after you, post a comment below... i have some other new designs in my head that i hope to be making soon, so keep an eye out for that as well... AND if you have an idea for a new headband, please do NOT be shy about sharing with me, i'd love to make you something special!

ALSOOOOOO... any comments on THIS blog post will be entered into a GIVEAWAY RAFFLE! I will choose 1 winner at random to win a free item from my etsy shop! you have until Midnight EST on Weds June 16 to enter :-)

<3 barb

update: All 3 headbands are now listed in the shop, they are linked through the pics!


  1. these are absolutely beautiful!! i hope you are doing well! =)


  2. I like the middle one :)
    Well I like all of them obv! The puff things on the first one are awesome. They are like flowers.
    but I want the middle one.

    I would like to place an order. I should stop stealing the ones you've made for Juliana and get my own.

    I think you have my contact information.

  3. Omg I LOVE the first one! I can't decide on colors right now but I definitely
    want one :)

    <3 Megan

  4. I like lucky lady number 3. I def. want to buy one from you! :) The 1st one is a close runner up too.

  5. OMG Barb these are all sooooo pretty!I think the first and third ones are tied for my favorites :)
    ps you should come visit troy soon!


  6. Love Lady #1, the thin band is perfect!

  7. I love the first one! I think I'm going to order it.

  8. LOVE all your headbands especially the middle one :)

    -Rachel M

  9. i double love the first one! :) i need to order a fun summer one soon anyway...the only one i have is green and is only acceptable on st. pattys day or with green clothes, of which i have none. :)

  10. i am with rachel, i love the middle one!
    you should make a headband with feathers on it,just an idea for the future =]


  11. Barb you're so talented! I loveeee the first one. May have to think of getting one from you to add to my Barb-headband collection :)

    <3 Steph

  12. Saw your blog on my friend Mike Columbo's facebook page. LOVEEE the first one. They are all so beautiful!

  13. I'm loving your headbands but don't know if I could pull any of those off. BUT! I have two pretty little sisters (who happen to be BIG Barbara Jane fans) that would look beautiful in those colors! I especially like the first one.

  14. i love that your about me section says architect/headband designer :) i love them all! especially the middle one!


  15. i like #2, you're right it is more work appropriate, but more importantly i'm excited to hear you'll be out on saturday!!


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