not wanting anymore...

ok, so for the past 2 weeks or so, i've been really wanting... in dire need of... drawer pulls for my new desk!
the original ones are pretty awful... they're just plain wooden knobs and there was NO WAY that i was going to strip them and stain them and put them back on the desk!
on our trip to home depot, PJ and i almost chose this one... or something similar... it was an early contender, but in the end, we figured we could keep looking, because in the end, it just wasn't working for me...
Allison Classic Antique English 1
i then began looking online... where i briefly fell in love with drawer pulls... mostly because i love the way they sound when they fall back into place... they're like tiny little door knockers!  but alas, i decided that these were not what i wanted either!
lot of 6 vintage brass drawer knobs
eventually, it was etsy to the rescue... an obvious solution, but one i didn't think of at first!  these beauties are small and delicate, and look like they will match the existing hardware, which makes me happy... they were originally a lot of 12, but i only needed six... after messaging the seller (DK General Store), she listed a set of six just for me, and now they are on their way!  
...and just in time, too, because i think that this desk project will be done in the near future! hooray!

is there anything you've been searching for but can't find? try etsy... everything is on etsy!

<3 barb

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