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On Sunday, PJ and I headed out with our families to Sunset Hill Shooting Range.  Neither of us had ever gone shooting before, but we warmed up pretty quickly and had a blast shooting a bunch of different guns.  We're only about a million perfect shots away from living out our dream and competing on Top Shot!
I'll give you the photos, so you can see how awesome it was!
We shot a whole bunch of different guns: GSG-1911, Bursa 9mm, Desert Eagle .44 magnum, Ruger .38 Revolver, Marlin .38 lever-action rifle, FN SCAR, AR-15 with holographic scope, and 12 gauge pump-action shotgun with slug round.  Those last 2 were all PJ, and not me at all.  My favorite was the revolver, I would have been an awesome cowboy... I hit every shot on target!  PJ liked the SCAR best, if I absolutely force him to choose (he didn't want to).
The boys shot the shotgun last, and everyone's reaction was the funniest thing we saw all day.  I'll show you:
Yup!  It was way more intense than anyone expected, but that was part of the fun.  We were pretty much all beginners and it was a blast to try something new all together.  

If you want to see more pictures, I uploaded them all here.  

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