mothers day wishes

my mom and I
Before slipping out for the weekend, I just wanted to make sure I posted a Happy Mother's Day to my mom!  She's a fun Zumba buddy, magically removes all the stains from food spilled on my clothes, and (begrudgingly) helps me with all my last-minute sewing projects.  She's pretty great, and I don't tell her that enough :-)

PJ's parents
Also, Happy Mother's Day to PJ's mom!  She frequently feeds me her magical baked breads and desserts until I'm about to explode, which is an A+ in my book!

I hope that all the moms out there, especially all my family and friends, have a lovely weekend.  I'll be missing both my grandmothers this year, but I carry them in my heart and I know they're watching over me, the way all good moms do.

<3 barb

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