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In the interest of letting you know that I am, in fact, keeping up with at least 1 of my New Year's goals, I figured I should tell you about my newest workout obsession... Bodyrock.  It's one of those things that I always meant to try out, but didn't until now, and I'm wondering how did I ever do without this before?  Because seriously, it was made for me!
I had heard about Bodyrock first through Mel, who loved the idea of short, explosive workouts that you can do with minimal gear.  Um, who wouldn't love that idea?  So I did a 12 minute workout, loved it... and then never followed up.
Well, last week my social media was abuzz with people talking about the Bodyrock May 30 day Challenge. By that I mean that Meg was talking all about it, and Ili too.  For a few reasons, I decided to check it out myself.  1- While I was still getting moving every morning, I felt that my workouts needed an extra kick in the pants. 2- I trust Mel, Meg, and Ili enough to know if they are ALL in on something (and they don't all know each other!) then it must be something good.  So on Thursday morning, 2 days late, I got started.  

What do I love about Bodyrock so far?  Well, the tutorials for starters... every workout also has an explanation of several modifications for beginners or for those who don't have the gear they are using.  I also love how positive and encouraging the trainers are!  AND the workouts are short enough to fit in before work, but leave me sweating and exhausted.  
How do I feel?  Well, I've done 4 days worth of workouts with one day of rest... I'm modifying the schedule a bit to fit my needs... and I'm sore, but I feel like a bodyROCKSTAR!  I came into work this morning feeling alert and motivated, despite my inability to walk without wobbling.  It was awesome, and I will definitely keep pushing myself to complete the workouts if I keep feeling this good.

<3 barb

PS - If you Bodyrock too, let me know so that we can cheer eachother on!  And definitely stop by and say hello to Mel and Meg, they'd love to hear from you :-)

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