PJ hates chocolate cake... obv
You know you're doing the weekend right when you end up with a picture that looks like this!  On Friday, PJ and I took off from work just for fun.  Since the weather was rainy and gross (and we went to see the midnight showing of The Grey on opening night - go see it, it was crazy good), we opted to stay inside in our pajamas, lounge around, and bake a chocolate cake.  Not only do I love chocolate cake, but the recipe we used was super easy to follow- the hardest part was waiting around for it to bake, cool, and be assembled.
Saturday was actually a beautiful, warm day... which forced us out of the house and into Manhattan.  We didn't really go in with a plan, which was great.  Sometimes I feel like I'm always on a mission when I head into the city, which can be exhausting!
PJs new boots
We decided to head up to Canal Street, do some browsing, and maybe get some food in Chinatown.  Right as we surfaced, I noticed a shoe store advertising ALL SHOES 50% OFF.  Although I'm trying not to spend at the moment, I knew PJ had been looking for some heavy winter boots for our upcoming snowy vacation (more on that at a later date) so I steered him inside.  Lo and behold, he tried on 1 pair, loved them, and bought them on the spot for a great price.  Clearly it was going to be a great day!
surprise! it's Chinese New Year!
People who pay attention probably knew that Chinese New Year celebrations would be in full swing over the weekend, but PJ and I apparently are not those people.  We were very happily surprised by all of the Year of the Dragon festivities, and stopped more than once to watch the costumed dancers.  When we had enough of the streets, we popped into a little Chinese restaurant and FEASTED... it was lovely.
why yes, that is a mural of a unicorn wearing a Bea Arthur cameo
Now I know you're thinking - aren't you tired? isn't it past your bedtime? aren't you a total lame-o?  While the answer to all of these things is a resounding YES, PJ and I had some business to attend to at the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop.  You see, I had gotten PJ some Bacon Marmalade for Christmas - which he now loves - but we just heard that they are closing up shop and moving to Spain.  They sell jars of this delicious spread at the BGIC Shop, so we just had to stop by and stock up.  We may have also gotten some delicious ice cream, which I highly recommend doing if you ever find yourself in Manhattan. 
Sunday was another lazy day, a day to relax, unwind, and prepare for heading back to work today.  It was a really great weekend, and while I was sad to see it go, I know that there are many more happy weekends to come!

<3 barb

PS- I realized while writing that this post is totally PJ-centric.  It's probably because I love him, and also because he makes awesome faces while taking pictures with food!

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