another event and some shop updates

On Sunday, PJ and I sold at our last event of the year (unless you know of some awesome Christmas Fair that is far enough away for me to prepare for and also a guaranteed money-maker). It was a tween girls fashion show, to benefit the St. George Theater on Staten Island, and it was pretty much the best group ever for all my pretty headbands and hair bows.
Thats us, loving it!
Our table was full of beautiful things, which always makes me feel good. AND the event was only a few hours long, was indoors, did not require packing the car with a tent and tables, there was no wind... awesomeeee.
Anyway, its all over now but I do have plenty of items made and ready to head out the door!  I did a bit of shop updating on Monday and will hopefully keep it up until the shop is FULL!  
In the meantime, check out the goods:

I hope you find something you love!
<3 barb

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  1. Looks fun!

    Epiphany, just outside of Philly in Plymouth Meeting, has a really huge craft show next weekend. You should do it!


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