I seem to have taken an unintentional break from posting things here... which I can only ascribe to the fact that it's more fun to go out and do things than actually blog about them.  To be fair, I've been busy... and my Blog Press app for iPad is not working as of late (ugh).  
(clockwise from top left) Mom and me, PJ and Katie, Dad and me, PJ2
We celebrated Thanksgiving the way most people do- by eating lots of delicious food!  Then we had cake for PJ2's birthday, and played Dance Central to work it off :-)  ...its possible that we played Dance Central several times over the weekend...
The best part of Thanksgiving? Katie was home, and we spent the entire day together on Friday.  We saw Breaking Dawn: Part 1, did some light shopping, and laughed... mostly while holding hands.  She'll be home in 11 days for winter break!  (Wish her luck on all of her finals, please)

I've got some almost done posts that I should probably wrap up... stay tuned!
<3 barb

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