friday, 11.11.11

Here I am, doing what I try to do every Friday but tend to do approximately only 1/2 the time.  That's ok, right?  As long as I sometimes share the love, I'm sure you don't mind.  Here's what's awesome this week:
I watched this video because I like the song (Awolnation's "Sail") but this dancer is AWESOME. via Huffington Post

This "4 room" apartment is amazingly minimal... wish I could say the same for my bedroom

The Kitten Covers were a mid-week pick me up.  I especially love kitty Bob Dylan!

I generally don't post anything even quasi-political, but I thought this was a pretty interesting list of ways the previous generation set us up to have high expectations.

Paint swatch art looks easy... and pretty :-)

Thats it!  Enjoy your weekend.
<3 barb

PS- I would be remiss if I did not thank our Veterans today for all of the sacrifices they made to protect our country and our freedom.  So, Thank You Veterans!

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