my favorites... on friday

See what I did there? I changed up the title, because I'm awesome like that... and so darn funny.  Feel free to stop reading here if you don't think I'm funny anymore, I won't feel bad. (yes, I will, please stay).
It has been a little too long since I posted favorites... I'm not sure if I'm just being lazy and not reading blogs or I'm reading and forgetting to tag or what... but it didn't really happen this week, my favorite-ed items just aren't really shareworthy... so I figure I'll just share whatever I feel like of the things that I currently like.  Does that make any sense at all?
That's me, taking pictures of myself on my brand new iPhone4S, using Instagram, wearing the brightest shade of lipstick ever created.  I just listed 3 favorites, did you notice? (hint: phone, instagram, lipstick)
Instagram = @bandsnbows
Lipstick = Sephora Collection Rouge Cream Lipstick in Love Test

Another favorite lately? Girl time.  I spent some time with my college roomie this week going through her closet... I love how she still has some things from when we were first roomies, or she used to, until I told her that we aren't 19 anymore and that distressed jean skirt is shredded to bits!
I've missed my girl time on the ferry this week, because my sweet friend Meg is headed off to Limoges, France and will (obviously) not be working in Manhattan anymore! Hit up her blog to follow her adventures.
My sister is coming home for the weekend, too, for my cousin's wedding.  I can't wait to see her!! And did I tell you shes a sorority girl now?! I am so so happy for her :-)

And finally, my always favorite, PJ.  Someone not PJ sent me this email today:
RE: A note from your biggest fan
Dear Barbara
First I just want to say that I am such a huge fan of yours. I read you blog every single day, even when nothing new is posted I reread what you wrote the day (sometimes the week or two) before.  I love all the topics you talk about, especially your boyfriends music posts (he's cute). What I love the most tho are your reviews. You are a great writer and you articulate what you like or dont like in a fun and intelligent way.I think you should keep doing that and expand that to movies and games ( I follow pj on twitter and heard you were watching him play something called gears of war and resistance 3 )
Thank you and hope to see you soonI would also love he chance to see you in person where maybe we can talk and see where things go. 
Not Sent from PJ's iPhone. 
Ok, I'm pretty sure it was him, but wasn't it sweet?
<3 Barb

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