Even though today is actually Halloween, I've already celebrated (a lot... like all weekend) and figured I would show you the one decent pic I got of myself in costume!  Isn't that always the way?
The Incredible Ladies
I think its pretty obvious that Danielle and I looked totally adorable.  These were also the easiest costumes ever to put together, thanks to Forever21's ridiculously low priced basics as well as iron-on transfer paper (for the logos)  Another awesome?  I was pretty well covered during Snowtober, which coincided pretty much exactly with the pub crawl we participated in on Saturday.  Tights, boots, and gloves meant I was nowhere near as cold as all those sexy schoolgirls out there!  Probably because of this, we had a great time hanging out with some of our best college buddies :-)

Anyway, I hope you're having a fabulously Happy Halloween!
<3 barb

PS- Wondering where PJ is, or at least why we didn't do an adorable couples costume like last year?
WWF Wrestlers
Um, yeah... this is what happens when you send a Bachelor Party to New Orleans for Halloweekend.  Hulk Hogan, ladies- I know you're all so jealous!

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