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I know I've been absent as of late, its the new job thing... I started yesterday, and while its great so far, I'm adjusting to a new schedule.  Hopefully soon I'll get into the swing of things and I will be back to a regular bloggy schedule.
In the meantime, I HAVE been taking lots of pictures... I figured that I should share a few from halloween!
Here's me doing some sewing...

Can you guess what we were??

We were Popeye and Olive Oyle!!

On Saturday night we went out with some friends:
Here's a sailor, a ladybug, and the Old Spice Guy...

...Vanilla Ice, Waldo, and Poison Ivy!

He's on a horse!
We loved our costumes so much that we dressed up on Halloween too!  We did some trick or treating... AKA we went out walking and visited friends/ relatives in our neighborhood :-)

Those costumes are definitely going in the costume box, they were super easy/ inexpensive to make!  I hope you all had a great Halloween, I know we did :-)

<3 barb

PS... I joined the PenPal Project over on Kellie's blog.  I just started getting letters this week, and I plan to use some of my time commuting each day to write back!  If you love getting mail, I highly suggest joining... or just follow the blog, because Kellie is a sweetheart!


  1. Love it! You and Pam (from The Office) had the same costume:) Lucky girl!!

  2. haha, i love your costume!!! so cute! :)

  3. Barbara! I am Natalie from the pen pal project. Be expecting a letter soon! I absolutely LOVE your costume! I used to watch Popeye with my dad growing up, such sweet memories.


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