oh yea, like i really need this...

So, in case you didn't know, I work far too close to that Mecca of shopping that is SoHo. There are 3 Gaps, 2 Sephoras, 4 Aldos, 2 Forever 21s, countless designer stores... you get the picture, right? ...all within walking distance on my lunch break. And today, this appeared:

MARSHALLS. SHOE. SHOP. Literally next door to my office... I told myself I wouldn't go in, that I've been spending too much, that I already have so many pairs of shoes... And yet, in I went!

Yup, I am in TROUBLE... They're not kidding about the 50% off thing, because everything is. And did you see the boots? Yea, it'll be fall... soonish... clearly I'll need new boots for that. Lots of new boots... And flats, with pretty baubles on the front... yup. As you can see, I'm planning ahead, for the inevitable: me buying everything, and not even feeling bad about it!

If you're in/around NYC, you should totally hit this up, and let me know, because I'm a really good shopping helper! It's on The corner of Astor Place and Broadway, and it's fabulous, and I will probably be there, making goggly eyes at all the boots :-)

<3 barb

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  1. I didn't realize your office was in Soho. Totally my very favorite part of NYC! The shoemobile is beyond fabulous. Love.

    Oooh the best Dean & Deluca that I've ever been to was in Soho years ago. Heaven in a cup and container of fancy foods.


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